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#1 Paint Protection Shop For Auto Styling Including Tinting & Vinyl Wraps.

Dallas Car Owners trust us with some of the most unique and valuable cars in the metroplex. From Ferrari to Lamborghinis, you can trust Dallas Detail Method is the top local shop for customizing your biggest investments. Protect your ride with the best film on the market with Stek Automotive Films

Top rated coating specialist for paint, glass, wraps, ppf.

 At Dallas Detail Method we choose to work exclusively with Drive victory Ceramic Coatings.
Get the best coating on the market that offers long term protection from the harsh environment, add a ton of gloss, intense water behavior, and make regular wash maintenance fast and easy.

Providing quality window tint to reduce up to 99% exposure to uv rays

Preserve your car's interior with sun blocking window tint from brands like STEK and get your window tin service reported to CarFax Vehicle History Report

Change up your vehicle's appearance with color changing film aka (vinyl wraps)

Tired of the look of your paint? Get a quote for a Full Color Change. We Have All Styles At Dallas Detail Method - Matte, Gloss, and More!

Auto Restyling

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We can protect your vehicle with the best films and coatings for the lifetime of your daily driver, toy car, exotic sports car and more.

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Our staff is trained for 4 weeks to ensure your vehicle gets the proper care.

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STEK - Fashion Film

STEK Automotive Films

Within the STEK line of automotive paint protective films, are multiple customized solutions – including STEK DYNOshield Ceramic Coated Paint Protection Film, DYNOmatte and DYNOmight PPF.
Visit stek-usa.com
STEK is revolutionizing the Paint Protection Film industry by producing highly advanced film technologies designed to protect the most advanced vehicles. With leading Hydrophobic and Self Healing top-coat technology and extreme gloss factor, STEK offers a film for each driver’s style to keep your vehicle a beautifully protected staple of your personality.
Helps to protect the vehicle’s paint and other materials from road debris – with extreme gloss or a rich matte finish.
Can be applied as a front bumper package, clear bra, full front, or entire vehicle clear paint protection film.

Up to a 10 Year Limited Warranty

Bonds directly to the clear coat of factory paint and helps to reduce swirl marks better than other paint protection films.

Excellent protection on automotive paint against bug splatter, stone chips, stain resistance, salt, road grime, and ice or snow.

For added protection, a topcoat can be applied with a ceramic or graphene coating to Vinyl and PPF nano ceramic coating. The combination of two of the most advanced surface protection products results in an impressive cosmetic effect, improved overall protection of the surface and the ultimate shield of protection.
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Power-Packed Bespoke Automotive Wraps

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View our additional services below and  keep your car looking new with experienced mobile car detailers inDallas County.

Paint Protection Film (PPF)

We are proud to offer Paint Protection Film to our customers in Dallas, Tx
Matte Finish
Prevent Rock Chips
Lifetime Warranty 

Automotive Tinting

Looking for automotive tinting experts? We got you covered. Schedule today!
Ultimate IR
Block up to 99% of heat
Protect your interior

Custom Vinyl Wraps

Get you a custom one of a kind vinyl wrap for your new car/suv/truck
A strong point
Whatever said
Something else

Ceramic Coatings

Add years of shine, UV protection & at least 50% easier washing.
Chemically Resistant
Never Wax Again
Incredibly Deep Gloss

We Also Offer Mobile Detailing
For interior & Exterior

Dallas Detail Method is a mobile auto detailing company servicing Dallas-Fort Worth

Interior Detailing

Our team are specialists when it comes to interior cleaning using professional-grade, pH-balanced blends of detergent & polymers to gently and thoroughly clean upholstery, carpet, leather, vinyl, and plastic surfaces inside your vehicle. Hot water extraction will remove deep stains from the carpet, and an ozone to remove odors.
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Exterior Detailing

You’ve worked hard to earn enough to buy the car you want: Maybe that’s an exotic Italian sports car, like a Ferrari or a Lamborghini; perhaps you’ve been a long-time fan of German makes like BMW or Mercedes; you might have even looked to score a modern classic, like the Dodge Viper or something more vintage, like a big-block Corvette.
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Dallas Auto Detailing & Paint Protection

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Car Detailing Dallas County


Dallas Detail Method provides an extremely convenient mobile car detailing service to Dallas & surrounding Tarrant County. We strive to keep your vehicle looking as new as possible year round. Whether you have a Prius or a Tesla, we’ve got you covered.

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