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Where we aim to offer you an experience, not just a service. Whether we’re detailing an expensive thoroughbred like a hypercar or your daily driver, our standard is excellence. So no matter whether you’ve opted for a mini detail or a labor-intensive paint correction, we hope you come away from your experience both enlightened and impressed. At Dallas Detail Method, we want to be the ones you come back to, so we strive to offer the best interior and exterior car detailing you can find.

If your car looks hazy or dull in bright sunlight, a paint correction might just be your next step once we’ve handled your interior/exterior car detailing. Our paint correction service is a multi-step process that will eliminate swirls and scratches from your vehicle’s fragile clear coat exterior finish.

Additional Services

In addition to or ultimate detail package are other services you may like.


Bring your car back to life with a paint correction!
Dallas Detail Method is the perfect auto detailing service for reviving and protecting your car’s paint. Our experts use the best products and methods to restore your car’s paint to its original condition and make it look like new.

Invest in a high-quality auto detailing service today with Dallas Detail Method!
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Obtain amazing gloss with CARNAUBA wax
Save time, money and energy – Get the most out of your auto detailing experience. Our two layer wax method is quick and efficient, allowing you to have a sleek and glossy finish without breaking the bank.
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Interior Detailing

Extract dirt & grime from your vehicles upholstery

Enhance the appearance of your cars interior back to almost new with a Full Interior Deep Cleaning  or Mini Interior Detail by Dallas Detail Methods auto care specialist.

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Full Interior & Exterior Detailing FAQs

Can You Come to Me?

Yes! We are fully self-contained and totally remote. We can detail your vehicle anywhere you need it to be serviced.

How Long Does it Take?

A wash and wax usually takes about an hour or two, but it depends on the condition and size of your vehicle. If you choose to add interior detailing, the process will take longer depending on the level of detailing you want, for example.

Do You Need Access to Power and Water?

No. We are fully self-contained and bring everything we need to give your vehicle the wash of a lifetime!

Can I Add Stronger Protection than Wax?

Certainly. We have ceramic coatings that we can apply. Please note that ceramic coatings require paint correction, which is a multi-step process that may require more than one day to complete, depending on the condition of your vehicle. Please contact us for more information.

Is Cleaning the Engine Safe?

It is completely safe on modern cars, with the right training and materials. There’s no need to worry about water penetrating into electrical systems or inside the engine, since everything on modern cars is completely sealed from the elements.

Dallas Detail Method for Interior/Exterior Car Detailing

If you want the best interior and exterior car detailing, it’s Dallas Detail Method or nobody. We’ll even come to you.

Our mobile detailing service can be performed at your convenience, whether you’re at home or at work. Give us a call at (469) 990-6397 today to book an appointment.