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Professional Full Interior Cleaning In Dallas

Cleaning your car can be a tedious job, leave it to the professionals to get it done for you with peace of mind while you handle more important things

Interior Car Cleaning Dallas, Tx

Fulfillment made easy

Our fulfillment process,
explained step by step

Inspection of vehicle,
and agreement on pricing.
Interior vacuuming,
and wipe down.
Steam cleaning,
And full extraction.
Air dry with fan,
& Ozone treatment.
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We’re not here to judge.

The first thing we’ll do when we begin cleaning your vehicle is perform a thorough assessment designed to produce a game plan for the best way to tackle the job. At Dallas Detail Method, we don’t miss a thing:
Trunk and storage compartments
Door panels
Jambs, hinges, hatch supports
Cup holders

Excellence isn’t Optional

You might agree that we go the extra mile for our customers — you might even say we offer the best car interior cleaning services in Dallas-Fort Worth, to which we would simply say “thanks.” In our opinion, there’s only one way to do interior car cleaning, and that’s all of the way. We don’t do any job by halves.

That’s why we take the extra steps we do — because if a job is worth doing, it’s worth doing right. At Dallas Detail Method, if you’re not happy with it, bring it back and we will correct the issue for you!

Dallas Fort-Worth Professional Interior Car Cleaning Services

When you decide you need professional car interior cleaning services, you want to choose the best: Dallas Detail Method. For whatever you need when it comes to getting your vehicle’s interior as good as — or better than — new, we offer two levels for your detailing experience with us.

Upholstery Car Cleaning

The interior of our car can become dirty over time. Here, you can get the best car interior cleaner to get it looking significantly better. Your car deserves the best! and that is what we are here for, with our professional car upholstery cleaning we can get rid of those stains and odors from family road trips with kids or if something spilled in your car and you want to take action before it gets worse.

Then we are ready to service you!
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Full Interior Auto Detailing Package

If it has been a while since we’ve seen you, if you’ve never experienced a detail at Dallas Detail Method, or if your car’s interior is really starting to gross you out, this is the service package you want.

With our full interior auto detailing package, every last stain, particle of dirt, and strand of pet hair will be removed. The tiniest details of your interior will be cleaned.

Interior Leather Cleaning & Conditioning

If you are tired of having stain marks on your seats, you will be glad you came to us! We will have your seats or carpet looking better in no time!

Best Way To Remove Stains

Carpet and seat stains can be an eye sore if not treated right away. When done properly by a professional you don’t have to worry about over saturation causing browning in the carpet or seats. Once your interior has been thoroughly deep cleaned, we use another specialized tool and process unique to our trade. It’s called hot water extraction, and it uses hot water to remove all detergents and chemicals from your carpet, mats, and upholstery.

This way, you’re not sitting in a capsule embedded with professional-grade detailing chemicals. We take this extra step to make sure your vehicle’s interior surfaces are better than new — not just clean from dirt and grime, but cleaned of all cleaning agent residue as well.

Benefits of Maintaining your interior

Keep your interior clean and your cars value up 

Fresh Scent

Have a fresh smelling car when you book a mini interior cleaning.


All the cracks and crevices will be cleaned from dirt and grime.

UV Rays

Get your interiors plastic / leather protected from the harsh UV Rays.


Reduce bug splatter driving back and forth on your commute to the office and home.

Clean Carpets

Keep your carpets clean with a foam shampoo removing dirt and grime.

Smooth Finish

Get a smooth finish to your paint, and a very slick feeling when combined with claybar.

New Look

No matter which package you choose your car will come out looking new again.


Most modern compound and polish come with added protection when buffing.

Interior Car Detailing – Dallas, Tx


As with our full interior auto detailing service, we begin with an inspection. This inspection is when we make our assessment of what is necessary to perform the level of service you’re in the process of purchasing from us. If we need to pretreat stains, we will make a note of that and make preparations.


After our inspection, we thoroughly vacuum your vehicle’s interior spaces. We don’t miss things others might. Every cubby, cupholder, storage bin, drawer, and nook are given a thorough cleaning. We even vacuum your spare tire well, or if you have a minivan with in-floor seat storage, we’ll lift the trap doors and vacuum your seat wells.

Steam Cleaning

Next, we thoroughly clean your headliner, making sure to pretreat any stains (exploding cans of soda are a real-world problem). While we’re at it, we will also steam clean every square inch of your vehicle’s interior upholstery, including seats, door panels, carpets, and floor mats. This coverage includes all cupholders, storage drawers/bins/trays, and HVAC controls.


After that’s handled, we’ll wipe down every surface inside your car. This coverage includes seats, dashboard, door panels, jambs, and control surfaces (including steering wheel, stalks, pedals, and more). When we’re done with this step, your car is already beginning to look great. But we’re not finished yet.


If there is any part of your vehicle’s interior that is deeply stained and needs to be pretreated, we do so at this point. Only after that professional pretreatment process has been completed do we move on to deep cleaning your seats and carpets.
We use special trade-specific power agitators to work your vehicle’s upholstery gently until it gives up all of the embedded contaminants, soils, body oils, and stains it has soaked up.

Foam Shampoo / Window Glass

For your seats and carpet, we deploy our professional foaming shampoo. The powerful, automotive-grade detergents in our shampoo lift to the surface all those stains, grime, grease, and embedded contaminants you didn’t even know were there.

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Interior Car Detailing Dallas, Tx

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Do you drive your car daily? Or maybe only short distances from time to time. Either way this can be a simple “starter” package to get your car looking better.

Full Interior Car Cleaning

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Professional Car Interior Cleaning

Want a professional interior car cleaning service done right? Look no further and get in touch with us.

How Does It Compare To Mini Interior Detail?

The mini interior detail package is a light maintenance cleaning including; Vacuuming, Full wipe down, Foam shampoo.

Mini interior cleaning is more affordable compared to our Full Interior Detailing. As far as professional full interior cleaning is concerned, this is the best of the best. If you don’t need a deep and comprehensive detail, or if you’re just a little pressed for time, our mini detail service experience is just right.
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Do you come to me?

Absolutely, with our mobile setup we are able to service in Dallas, Carrollton, Ft worth, Plano and surrounding areas!
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How long does this service take?

If weather conditions permit this service usually takes around 3 hours to complete. Removing tough stains or odor this could take longer.
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Do you remove seats?

Since majority of our jobs are mobile service, we do not remove seats at this time.
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Does it take long for my seats to dry?

Most times the seats are dried by the time we are finish with the service. We use a commercial fan to speed up the drying process.
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Will you be able to get out all the stains?

Not sure we would be able to get 100% of every stain out. But we will try with everything we got to get it out, to your satisfaction.
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