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Interior Car Detailing


Mini Interior Detail

Interior Only

  • Remove all trash if any
  • Thorough vacuuming making sure to reach all areas including between the seats and cracks.
  • Wipe down using our Lux Cockpit Complete as a cleaning agent, it is safe on all leather & plastic.
  • Foam shampoo to cleanse carpets and cloth seats (condition leather seats).
  • Clean all Interior windows.

What benefits do you get from this service?

By choosing to book this package, gets you a much more sanitized vehicle inside. And gets rid of all dirt and grime that sinks into the plastic & leather over time.

Why do people choose to get this service?

It’s affordable and convenient with our mobile detailing service where we come to you. We understand everything is going up in cost but we want to provide an experience that everyone can enjoy.

Mini Interior Cleaning

You’ve likely experienced how disappointing it can be to open the door of a seemingly clean car only to discover a dull film of dust and road grime adhered to every part of the door sills, door jambs, hinge areas, and weatherstripping.

If attention to detail matters to you, you’ve come to the right place for your vehicle’s interior cleaning. Exterior car detailing is also a large part of our expertise, and we can give you an experience that will bring you back time and again.

We begin our mini interior cleaning process with an inspection and assessment before we begin vacuuming. If there are any loose items under seats or in cup holders, we’ll remove them and either discard them or retain them for you, if you like. Our team members will vacuum your car’s whole interior and trunk area, including your spare tire well.

If your headliner has stains or needs attention, we’ll address that next. Then we’ll move on to a thorough wipedown of your:

  • Seats
  • Dashboard
  • Door panels & jambs
  • Pedals