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We Offer 2 Levels Of Paint Correction

Quality Paint Correction In Dallas-Fort Worth

A paint correction can be for new cars that need light swirls removed and older cars that need to revive their paint again. But what level of service do you need, to get your car looking right?

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Paint Correction Dallas, Tx
Paint Correction Dallas, Tx
Paint Correction Dallas, Tx
Paint Correction Dallas, Tx
Paint Correction Dallas, Tx

Polishing & Buffing Dallas, Tx

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The clear coat on your car is very important and can quickly start to peel off due to the UV rays. Our paint correction services can save your paint job before it gets worse and bring a showroom shine.

Wash & Wax detail for client by Dallas Detail Method

Paint correction cost can be a pricey service but very well worth it

Gloss Enhancement

The results you can expect to get out of this package is better looking paint with up to 50% swirls removed.


This includes machine cutting and polishing to remove most of the swirls and scratches in the paint up to 90%


Paint Correction

Once you’ve taken your car through a lot of automatic car washes, especially those with plastic brushes, your clear coat has taken a beating. Instead of looking liquid, as it did when it was new, it looks hazy, and you can see deep swirls on the surface when it’s exposed to bright light. 

The only way to remove these deep scratches in your clear coat is through a labor-intensive process of chemical treatment, machine cutting, and polishing. It takes an expert hand and top-grade materials, but at Dallas Detail Method, we have the experience required to remove 80% to 85% of your vehicle’s deep swirl marks.


When it’s time to get rid of those unsightly swirls, there’s only one call to make! Dallas Detail Method is your best choice for paint correction in Dallas!

  • Scratches caused By Machine Car Washes
  • Light Swirl Marks are Visible On Paint
  • Water Spots & Oxidation
  • Etching from Bird Dropping & Bugs

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