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What Causes Swirl Marks?

Swirls are a form of scratches created by bristles through a machine car wash. It is a very convenient way to wash your car, but the fastest way to ruin your paint. But this can be fixed with a paint correction.

How Does Paint Correction Work?

Paint correction has different levels to eliminate micro swirls to deeper swirls, even oxidation and water spots. It is a labor-intensive procedure that involves hours of machine cutting and polishing your vehicle’s clear coat.

Before DDM

Defects and swirls can be easily seen after years of daily vehicle use.

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After DDM

Paint is restored to its original shine and deep colors.

100% Hand Car Wash

Using PH neutral soap and a clean wash mitt and safe towel to dry.

Clay Bar Treatment

Using a light, medium, or heavy clay bar depending on the condition of the paint

Paint Decontamination

Clay bar treatment to mechanically decontaminate the paint followed by a chemical decontamination with iron removers.

Cutting With Machine & Abrasive

The cutting phase of paint correction will remove a large number of defects but it also leaves behind smaller defects and requires refining.


Polishing is required after cutting to refine and add gloss to the surface. It requires a different set of pads and compounds than cutting.

What Are The Benefits Of Me Getting A Paint Correction?

When selecting a paint correction package you should think about if you will be selling the car in the near future, if so the level 1 would be the best choice. TIP: Having a paint correction done could increase the selling amount.

Getting a Paint Correction will regain shine and slickness making your car stand out. Avoid machine car washes! this will help the look of your paint last much longer. For added protection check our Ceramic Coating packages.

Our Paint Correction Method

We will measure out the thickness of the clear coat to see how much we can focus on the area without ruining the paint.

Beginning with a full decontamination to cleanse the exterior of the vehicle making sure to remove all bugs and tar, clean all door jambs with an iron remover to loosen all dirt on paint. We will rinse off dirt and foam car, then using a clay mitt over paint to get rid of everything that is embedded into the paint followed by a detox.

This one is a more stronger cutting, going over the vehicle once with this to eliminate the swirls. Then going over the vehicle a second time with a polish to bring back shine getting rid of any haze caused by residue.

After inspection of the condition using an adjustable spotlight to see the color of the paint better.

Interior Detail

Get a complete new car feel by adding a Interior Detail.

Exterior Detail

If you only need a quick wash & wax to get your car looking better have a look at our packages.

Ceramic Coating

Say goodbye to wax and start using ceramic coatings for a much easier and longer lasting protection!

Level 1

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Level 2

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Level 3

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